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The walls of MAM’s website are turning into our particular gallery, hosting the fascinating artworks and encouraging interviews of those young creative people who inspire us every day with their extraordinary talent.

Earth anklets collection | MAM® Italia

Earth anklets collection

The Journey Begins with Curiosity.

In the search for truth, curiosity is a valuable trait. A spirit of interest and inquiry, the willingness to delve into something new, can open the way to progress and new ideas to discover new knowledge that unleashes our imagination and creativity.

UFO Collection SS21 | MAM® Italia

UFO Collection SS21

Round and square basket that can be paired with a matching disk-shaped raffia bracelet, specially designed for you and the summer.
Statement jewelry SENS collection | MAM® Italia

Statement jewelry SENS collection

Introducing MAM SENS Collection. A futuristic collection inspired by the power of the Here and Now.
Christmas gift guide | MAM® Italia

Christmas gift guide

We have created special packaging to make Christmas more meaningful, which will travel around the world, reminding us that it's time to stay together.
AVA Collection | MAM® Italia

AVA Collection

A for Authenticity, V for Visionary & A for A-wear-ness. We designed unique jewelry pieces that perfectly describe what these people represent in our world.
O'Collection | MAM® Italia


The O'Collection is full of unique building blocks that help you design your own piece of jewelry. Take our modular collection apart and put it back together in new and unique ways every time you get dressed.
Wear it your way | MAM® Italia

Wear it your way

Combine our jewelry and step out of the ordinary. The MAM Mix and Match concept let you, truly, wear every piece of our jewelry your way.
Earth collection | MAM® Italia

Earth collection

The Earth Collection from MAM introduces a new style of anklet jewelry. Explore our unique, versatile designs that can be worn anywhere and any way you want.
Quarantine diary | MAM® Italia

Quarantine diary

The Quarantine Diary from MAM is all about jewelry you wear at home just for yourself. Browse our hand rings and ear cuffs to mix and match your favorites.
Trans Collection | MAM® Italia

Trans Collection

Looking for a genderless jewelry collection that will dissolve traditional structures and restrictions? Explore the gold hand rings in the Trans Collection.
A Chic Life | MAM® Italia

A Chic Life

MAM offers you a new take on a jewelry with the unique pieces in the A Chic Life collection. Explore swirling designs and sustainable materials today.
A ginger twist | MAM® Italia

A ginger twist

A Ginger Twist is a discussion of the lore and history behind red hair through the medium of environmentally friendly jewelry. Follow this story with MAM.
I am my own muse | MAM® Italia

I am my own muse

The I Am My Own Muse story introduces you to unique designer jewelry that helps you explore your own originality. Discover rings, cuffs and more at MAM.
I decide my vibe | MAM® Italia

I decide my vibe

MAM’s new collection of eco-friendly jewelry is full of pieces that help you redefine the way you express yourself. Shop gold and silver designs online now.